• SQZL Bottle

    The Squeeze-it bottle can be made in any size. Expensive low-volume liquids (artists’ paints, for example) might be put in a bottle the size of your thumb. A restaurant might want something like sour cream packaged in quart size bottles.There are also two different versions of the bottle. Click Read More to find out more.

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  • Unlimited

    Even after opening, the liquid remains always airtight. No air ever contacts the liquid for as long as the bottle lasts. Food products will keep fresh, and products like glue will not have clogged nozzles because of contact with air. No air ever touches the liquid in this bottle.

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  • Tried and Tested

    The SQZL bottle was created through extensive trial and error. Over 200 different models and designs were created and discarded before the desired results were achieved. The worlds first Air-Tight squeeze bottle, SQZL (pronouced "squizzle") has finally been invented!

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About The Inventor

Joe Bakhos:
Joe Bakhos

My family owned a caulking company. We specialized in caulking the granite panels and the windows in high rise buildings. Caulking is a viscous substance and we experimented with all kinds of ways of delivering gallons upon gallons of this substance into the joints on construction projects.

I used to work with my father on these construction projects, so I did a lot of squeezing of liquids out of bottles growing up.

SQZL is the first time I tried to apply some of this knowledge to the consumer market. It may seem odd but the first time I thought of it I was in the shower trying to squeeze out a few last drops of shampoo from a bottle… then the idea hit me.

About SQZL: SQZL is a squeeze bottle that always keeps the liquid pressed against the top of the bottle for there is never any need for shaking. It always instantly dispenses liquid just by picking up and squeezing. SQZL also always keeps the liquid air-tight for the entire life of the bottle – no germs can get in and no air can get in to dry up part of the liquid. Lastly, SQZL looks cool – the bottle is see-through and the liquid is clearly visible pressed up against the sides of the bottle.

Customers will like how it looks and how it performs.

What is SQZL?

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